The first game of the NFL playoffs division was decided

The first game of the NFL playoffs division was decided, and the Baltimore Ravens played away to Tennessee. With a free kick at the end of the game, they defeated Titans 13-10 and advanced to the AFC Confederations final.

In this defensive battle, the main attacking players of both sides did not have outstanding data. The rookie quarterback Joe Flacco of the Ravens maintained a steady style, passing the ball 22 times and successfully 11 times, with a distance of 161 yards. There was a dribbling pass that was not intercepted or caught, scoring 89.0. The two running guards, McGash and McLean, performed mediocrely, only running 32 yards and 12 yards respectively. The outfielder Derek Mason received the ball 78 yards and dribbled once, Defensive striker Terrell Saggs made one tackle, and 40 year old footballer Mark Stover’s last-minute free kick helped the Ravens turn the tide and win.. Titan quarterback Chris Collins passed the ball 42 times, successfully 26 times, at a distance of 281 yards. He did not pass through the court, was intercepted once, and was caught and killed once. Rookie quarterback Chris Johnson ran out of 72 yards, made one pass, and outfielder Garch received the ball at a distance of 135 yards.

In the first quarter, the Titans took the lead in the home game. Collins successfully organized an attack and worked with multiple outfielders to advance to the front court. After entering the 15 yard line, it was Chris Johnson’s turn to perform. He made a strong dribbling impact to reach the field and caused a foul by the opponent. Birona then scored an additional point, and the Titans took a 7-0 lead. It was the crow’s turn to attack, but both the charge and pass were in single digits. At a critical moment, Titan made a foul on defense and was penalized a 15 yard distance. However, only a few attacks remained stationary. At this moment, Franco stepped forward and suddenly passed the ball to Mason on the right, who received the ball from 48 yards and scored an additional point. The two sides fought 7-7 in the first quarter.

In the following two quarters, both sides used their own defensive tactics, resulting in the opponent’s attacks being unprofitable. In multiple confrontations, the players of both sides engaged in verbal confrontations face-to-face, which became one of the highlights on the field. The advantage of the crow was that they had three counterattacks throughout the game and were never forced to concede a ball. Under the pressure of the crow’s defense, Collins dropped a ball in the second quarter and was intercepted by Rohr once. In the third quarter, Titan’s Birona also kicked a 51 yard free kick. At the end of the third quarter, the Ravens sent a 37 yard pass from Flaco to Clayton in an attack, greatly advancing the formation. At the beginning of the fourth quarter, the Ravens took advantage of this attack opportunity to score a 21 yard free kick from Stove, surpassing the score by 10-7. Titan’s attack was difficult under the leadership of Collins, and it was not until 4 minutes before the end of the game that they reached a more favorable attacking position. Birona scored a 27 yard free kick, equalizing the score to 10-10. As they were about to enter extra time, the Ravens’ attack was effective. Driven by multiple short passes, penalties, and fouls, they brought the line up to the front court, 43 yards away from the finish line. Stover stepped forward and steadily scored a free kick, setting the final score at 13-10

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